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Looking around you’ll see the use of gas struts in many differing applications. Most common are the struts that hold up the bonnet, boot, tailgate and hatchback on your car . Then there’s the application in a majority of recreation vehicles, caravans, trailers and boats. You’ll also find struts being used in the home, being applied to items such as sewing machine cabinets, overhead cupboards and toolboxes.

When gas struts fail, they can be dangerous as they will no longer perform the job that they’ve been designed to do. As an example you’d appreciate how annoying it would be if your strut holding up the tail gate of your car kept falling down on you while you’re loading the shopping or trying to get a stroller into the car. If you own a pop-top caravan, you may have noticed that it is getting harder to lift the roof or your bed won’t stay up.  Your struts need attention!

Horse Floats, Pantechs, Earthmoving Equipment and Agricultural Equipment all use gas struts, also know as gas springs or gas lifts, extensively and all are prone to failure. The problem is easily solved so don’t put up with it any longer!

We can fix your strut problems by either re-gassing your own strut, or if that is not possible, by replacing your gas strut with a selection of new struts designed and manufactured to the highest specification and suitable for all applications. We can also up-gas your struts if they have lost just a little pressure or you have added extra weight.  The process is quick and simple.  We can also supply 316 marine grade gas struts and fittings.

Call in to our Maroochydore workshop with your struts to enable identification or we can remove and re-fit your struts for you either in the workshop or on-site using our mobile service. Just bring your car, trailer, caravan or any other problem in and we will fix it fast.

Gas Struts

In the event that your existing strut cannot be re-gassed, we can supply a brand new quality strut to solve your problem. We can also supply new gas struts for your new project.

Marine Gas Struts

Many boats use gas struts for hatches, awnings, cupboards.  The last thing you want is for one to fail and have broken items all over your pride and joy. Get your struts re-gassed and sleep easy.

Gas struts

In many cases, we can re-gas your existing strut saving having to buy a new one and hoping the gas pressure is right. We can also add pressure to an existing strut to give a little more lift.

Caravan Gas Struts

Caravans make full use of the convenience of gas struts on hatches, cupboards, sunroofs and pop-tops.  Don’t wait, fix that strut before an accident happens.

Automotive Gas Struts

If your tailgate is constantly falling on you, it’s annoying and can be painful!  If your bonnet won’t stay up, you risk it falling on your head. Don’t put up with it! We can fix that problem for you.

Trailer Gas Struts

Trailers can have toolboxes, lids and covers that all use gas struts to keep the lid or cover open while you get out what you need.  Have the struts re-gassed to be as good as new!

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