Sunshine Struts
  • AUTOMOTIVE  Sunshine Struts has an extensive range of automotive gas struts to suit most make/model of cars and canopies. All our gas struts come complete and with a 1 year warranty.
  • FARM EQUIPMENT  With a huge range to choose including Rigid locking, Traction, Stainless Steel, Safety Canisters, whatever the job we can assist you in finding a solution.
  • CARAVANS/TRAILERS/MARINE  We have an extensive range of automotive, safety, general use, caravanning & camping, trailers, 316 marine, traction, rigid locking & cabinetry.

24 Cynthia Hunt Dr
Montville Qld 4560
Tel: 0403 329 504

Most struts are easy to remove and re-fit.

Removal and replacement of gas struts is usually not difficult, however we can remove and fit your struts for you if you wish.  Some struts can not be re-gassed and need to be replaced.  We carry a good range of new struts to fit most applications.